What is DuraCoat?

DuraCoat is a two part chemical coating. Unlike other firearm finishes, DuraCoat was created specifically for firearms. Other firearm finishes are “spin-off’s” from other industries.

What kind of items can be coated with DuraCoat?

We can coat many surfaces including metal, plastic, and wood as long as the surface is properly prepared. DuraCoat is also used for objects that are too large to bake, as is needed when using Cerakote oven cure.  Please contact us with any questions you have.

How many DuraCoat colors are available?

DuraCoat is available in many colors.  You can view the full selection here.


Can DuraCoat colors be blended together?

Yes. All DuraCoat colors can be intermixed. With a handful of standard DuraCoat colors, we can create an infinite number of colors by blending them.

Can DuraCoat handle high temperatures?

Yes it can! DuraCoat has been proven to withstand temperatures as high as 600° F.  Our DuraHeat coating can handle temperatures up to 1,800° F.

Will DuraCoat withstand the salty environment?

Absolutely! One of DuraCoat’s qualities is it’s extreme ability to resist salt corrosion. DuraCoat has passed a 300 hr. salt spray test, which far exceeds military requirements for firearms finishes. A firearm (or other items) coated with DuraCoat simply will not rust…..EVER!

Is DuraCoat flexible?

Unlike Cerakote, a flex additive can be added to DuraCoat to give it extra flexibility for items such as bow limbs.

Is DuraCoat Teflon based?

No. Teflon is a lubricating coating, which is great for internals, but will not wear as well as DuraCoat on the exterior surface of a firearm.  DuraCoat’s combination of elasticity and hardness creates a finish impervious to impact, scratching and the elements.

Do I need to have a clear coat finish applied to my item?

You do not need to have clear coat applied to your item, but it can be.  We offer all DuraCoat clear coats and can apply them if needed.

Do I need to clean my parts?

Yes, you are to do your best at removing, dirt, grime and debris from your item but we will finish the job with processes and techniques suited for each item. If your item arrives with excessive dirt, rust, grime, grease, oil, etc, we will charge you an additional fee for handling this.

Do I need to disassemble my parts?

It depends on what you’re having done. Every case will be unique and you will need to contact us prior to shipment or drop-off to determine what needs to be done.  Some items, such as firearms can/should be disassembled by us as certain parts may require custom fitting.  Other items, such as helmets and atv fairings, should come to us ready to be prepped and dipped.

How do I care for my item?

We will give you a sheet with specifics on how to care for your item depending on what service was performed.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

In general:

Hydrographics – Care for your item as you would a new car.  Your item was coated with a clear coat that can be damaged by certain chemical or abrasions.

Cerakote – Your item should be cared for in the same manner as you did prior to coating.  Cerakote will be able to handle any or your normal cleaning solvents, etc.  Although Cerakote is strong, it does not mean it will handle abuse.

DuraCoat – You may clean and care for you item in much the same way as you would Cerakote but you must be careful of certain cleaners, such as acetone.  Extended contact with acetone can soften and lift your DuraCoat.